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The idea of “fall”and “falling” all equates to failure, right? And when we actually look at the time of year we call “Fall” most of us feel like total failures too.


We haven’t made or are even coming close to our 2018:

  • Money Goals
  • Professional Goals
  • Parenting Goals
  • Love Goals
  • Life Goals
  • Health Goals
  • You Goals


Yes the Beautiful colors, light, and change of the Fall season maybe here. But far too often we feel like we are falling - ON OUR FACES - as the year grows shorter.

Less time, more work obligations, my family functions - the pressures of being that “perfect” mom, wife, friend, daughter, chef, hostesses, party planner - many times we fall out of love with our lives as we feel the obligations we hold in our mind and the outcomes we desire in our hearts.



Clearly we are out of sync. The world around us is trying to show us this.

The Fall season is the time to add color, connections, and creativity. Nature abounds showing us her beauty. Hey have you seen the maple trees?

I know what you are thinking, that sounds lovely, but I don’t even have a moment to go to the bathroom by myself let alone “add” anything to my life!!!!



What if I could promise you that by just taking about 10 minutes a day for yourself (yes, Less than the amount of time you spend waiting in the Starbucks or school pick up line a week), you can:

Feel more alive than you have in years

Rediscover and begin to live your long (but no longer forgotten) lost dreams

Learn to focus on the things that set your soul on fire and say "buh-by"e to the things that don’t

Focus on breaking free from old and exhausting patterns

Trust in your ability to “friend” the things that scare you most so that you may live a happier life!




Hi, I’m Gina Bell. Like you I wear many hats, but let’s be really it is really like wearing many pairs of roller skates at the same time.

I’m a mom of 6, wife, volunteer, daughter, sister, and business owner.  

Not to sound corny, “If I can do it, you can do it.”  and that's the God’s honest truth.

Let me show you how you can rid yourself of these feelings of not enough, too many obligations, fear of failure and become the woman you always thought you would be as a little girl. Because yes, that powerful, beautiful, articulate, strong, kind, caring, successful, loving, non flying off the handle woman is possible. You are her. You just don’t know it yet.

I know this because I have been there and done that. Don’t believe me? Here is a picture of me 10 years ago and today.

Me 15 years ago!!!!!

Me 15 years ago!!!!!

Me, Gina Bell, in March 2018.

Me, Gina Bell, in March 2018.



I was stressed out, feeling like a failure, not at all being the woman I knew I could be or wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong. To the outside world, I was Superwoman. On my inside world, I was totally lost and unable to find my way.

This began to change 15 years ago when I decided that I was done with failing and I wanted to fly. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to be joyfully in love. I wanted to laugh, smile, and play- daily. I wanted a career that mattered to me (while making good money.) I wanted to be the woman I always imagined I would be as a little girl.

Let me show you how you can do this all of this for yourself without doing more, getting the divorce or getting rid of the work kids( also known as co-workers) or real kids and running off to a deserted island somewhere.


I challenge you to make the same deal with yourself as I made with myself.

Devote 10 minutes a day to you and rediscovering how madly in love you. And  most importantly experience what loving your life really means to your relationship, work, money, and goals. Yes, have the love, peace, creativity,and success you have always wanted all for the cost of your morning Starbucks!



Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone.

Join me and a handful of amazing women who truly understand where you are at because they are there too.


Let’s walk this road together and discover how you can:

  • Live your dreams now (no matter what you are going through in life) 

  • Break free of old patterns, speak your truth boldly, and rediscover the real you

  • Feel the fear and learn to take the leap anyway

  • Follow your heart and trust in its unique traveling plan (even if you feel stuck in your career, relationships, or life's path)

  • Reprogram your inner GPS (GLOW PURPOSEFULLY STRATEGY)

  • Make small changes and begin seeing results now in your relationships, career, happiness, and overall love for life

I’ll be there with you every step of the way with:

  • Action forward steps so you don't get stuck

  • Real world advice, support, and encouragement to help you on the highs and in the lows

  • Non-Judgmental support that will gently nudge you out of your comfort zone




Here are all of the details:

  • 6x 20 minute Sunday Start Sessions where we will get you grounded and going for the week

  • 6x 45 minute Wisdom Wednesday Trainings where we deep dive into that week's session

  • 2x LIVE Mocktail Hours every Friday where you ask your questions, be real, and connect with me and the rest of the ladies who will "get you" because on may levels they are you

  • 2x Bonus sessions covering Creativity Meets Minimalism: Making Space For Self-Discovery and Making Friends With The Zany and Unique Woman Inside of You

  • All in a safe, "pop the bra off" and let's get real environment that is NOT Facebook


Receive all of this, plus my personal support, for only $497


Before you get too serious or stressed, let's take a dance break and get real. 


You know you can't keep going on with your life "as is" if you want to live long and love your life. You know you can't keep going on like this if you want to be that wife, mother, sister, friend, expert of your dreams. You know you don't want to keep going on with your life "as is" because you don't just want to like your life, you want to LOVE your life. 

And I want that for you too. It isn't about the perfect life, it is about creating your life.

So let's get started! 


And for everyone who says "YES!" first you can receive:

  • If you are one of the first 16 who say "YES!" receive an amazing journal personally selected by me with a handwritten note to you ($24 value)

  • One of the first 8 who say "YES!" will receive an online copy of the Moonroot™ Spirit Quiz ($97 value)

  • And if you are one of the first 4 people to say "YES!." join me and 3 other ladies in Chicago for a group Adventure Day in the Spring 2019 ($1297 value)



And I’ll even double down on this deal. If you devote the time, commit to yourself, do the work, and bring the creativity that is uniquely you into your life- if you play all in, but don’t see the results- I’ll personally coach you till you do. Yep, that’s how committed I am to you.

So stop feeling like a failure and step into the fun, fabulous, feminine, fierce, and full funded woman that you are meant to be.